HP Smart Tank 7301 Review 2024

The HP Smart Tank 7301 serves as a versatile all-in-one printer designed for both family use and small office environments. It offers a mix of high-efficiency features and cost-effective operations, handling print, scan, and copy functions effortlessly from the moment of setup.

Detailed Features and Performance


1. Printing Capabilities

The standout feature of the HP Smart Tank 7301 is its cost efficiency with ink usage. The printer comes with two years’ worth of ink, claiming to support up to 8,000 color pages or 6,000 black pages. This is particularly advantageous for settings where frequent printing is common but maintaining a budget is also crucial.

The printer offers a maximum color resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI, ensuring sharp and vibrant outputs. With print speeds up to 15 ppm for black and 9 ppm for color, it balances quality and efficiency well, making it suitable for both quick needs and high-quality output demands.

2. Scanning and Copying

Equipped with a flatbed scanner, the HP Smart Tank 7301 offers reliable scanning capabilities. This complements its printing functions with easy document duplication and digital storage options, enhanced by a 35-page automatic document feeder that facilitates rapid scanning and copying tasks.

3. User-Friendly Features

The printer features smart-guided buttons that illuminate to guide users through routine tasks, making it intuitive and user-friendly, even for those not technologically savvy. The spill-free refill system is a significant addition, allowing easy replenishment of ink without mess or waste.

4. Connectivity and Security

It supports both wireless and Ethernet connectivity, providing flexible options to fit different office setups. The self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi ensures the connection remains stable and continuous, which is critical for busy environments. Security is also a focus, with built-in features to protect against viruses and malware, along with encryption and password protection for sensitive documents.

5. Environmental Impact and Sustainability

The HP Smart Tank 7301 is constructed with over 25% recycled plastics, reflecting HP’s commitment to environmental sustainability. It also supports the use of FSC-certified paper, which aligns with efforts to reduce deforestation and protect wildlife.


Overall, the HP Smart Tank 7301 is a solid choice for those needing a reliable, high-performing printer that manages both routine and intensive printing tasks economically. Its combination of high-quality print results, ease of use, and robust connectivity options makes it a worthy investment for busy families and small businesses alike.

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